Improving the quality of chocolate and at the same time improving the quality of life for cocoa growers, that's the philosophy and ambition of the QPP program supported by Jeff de Bruges. This endeavour aims to be responsible by committing to long-term sustainability.

The QPP, launched by Barry Callebaut *, is a new form of partnership bringing together cooperatives in Ivory Coast with support from Jeff de Bruges. The goal is to foster programs which are mutually beneficial in improving the quality of cocoa through sustainable agriculture and in so helping to raise the living standards and hence the quality of life for growers and their families.

* World leader in the production of superior quality cocoa and chocolate


This program was created a little over 5 years ago to provide training for growing crops more efficiently while being more environmentally friendly. Growers learn to cultivate the soil, to care for the plants, improve sorting methods, fermentation and drying techniques. These actions result in a more flavourful and aromatic cocoa, and subsequently in the chocolate made with it. Not only does quality increase meaning better prices but so does yield meaning more income from the same cultivated area.


The QPP Program helps to professionalize the cooperatives by providing management and accounting training. In addition, QPP finances crops through zero-interest loans to help farmers and finances the cooperatives in their capital investments for such things as trucks, warehouses and computers. Nowadays, 73 cooperatives have joined the QPP program, which represents about 40,000 growers. It's a good beginning but there is still much to be done both in Ivory Coast as well as in other countries.


The QPP Program participates in access to medical care and drinking water, through the establishment of clinics and the installation of wells. It also promotes access to education for children through the establishment of schools and awareness campaigns on schooling to better educate growers of the benefits of sending their children to school.


Since the building and operation of these schools is costly, Jeff de Bruges has decided to commit part of its investment in the QPP program to the creation and running of an elementary school. In that way, not only does your purchase of certified QPP chocolate give you one of the world’s finest chocolates but it also helps to improve the living standards of farmers and their families.


In this respect Jeff de Bruges supports the creation and operation of an elementary school in Bodjonou. By enjoying the quality of Jeff de Bruges chocolates, you are helping at the same time cocoa growers and their family enjoy a better quality of life. Thank you!




  • - More than one third of the world's cocoa comes from Ivory Coast.
  • - 53 cooperatives in Ivory Coast have signed up for QPP.
  • - This represents about 40,000 cacao growers.
  • - 56,000 tonnes of certified cocoa QPP were harvested in 2013.
  • - In 6 years, the percentage of cocoa beans being classified as “superior quality” has gone from 11% to 88% of the harvest.
  • - QPP provides training on techniques of more efficient growing and long term sustainability.
  • - QPP provides zero interest loans to help growers to invest in the necessary equipment and training to learn how to produce the best cocoa.
  • - QPP organises awareness campaigns on the importance of schooling children.

To learn more about current activities and projects of the QPP program visit the website:

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